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There seems to a number of issues regarding drivers and 95 compatability, which likely will be ironed out in the coming weeks and months as manufacturers and developers have time to solve them, not to mention confusion regarding what is supported and what isn't. Alas such is life on the bleeding edge.

Some of the problems regarding products covered on DataSure's Web Pages are as followsPioneer's DR-U124X and Windows 95.

HP - Colorado Memory Systems has released Colorado Backup for Windows 95 software which support the T-1000 external, PowerTape and PowerDAT but not T1000e external.

Elektroson Gear now supports Windows 95 as well as Windows and Windows NT in the same package. Visit and download demo multimedia software .

APC Back UPS Pro Workstation Plug and Play Software Bundles for Windows 95

APC has plug and play software available with the Back - UPS Pro 280, 420, and 650 UPSs available .

Host Apadater Plug and Play Support

Adapatec and Trantor, WD and Qlogic

Microsoft Products / Upgrades

Microsoft Office Standard/Upgrade, Professional/ Upgrade, Windows 95 / Upgrade, and Plus!. Available in 3.5" and CD-ROM, with French versions also in Canada. Professional version currently ships with Access and Bookshelf

Norton Utilities for Windows 95

Symantec has Norton Utilities for Windows 95, and an upgrade version for those who had purchased the preview version. Also Norton Anti-Virus for Win 95.

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