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Backup software

Arcada support for ADIC Autoloaders

CD-R software

Elektoson Gear CD-R software page
Elektroson Gear
now supports SunOS, Solaris, SGI Irix, Digital Unix, HP-UX

CD-Server / Optical Software software

Tracer Software
Tracer Technologies
has HyperROM with features such as unlimited magnetic caching and support for Pioneer's 5004x, and intergrated Elektroson Gear in HyperGEAR

UPS Software

APC Power Protection page
has Power Chute Plus for Unix, including automated shutdown, event logging, paging and email notification of power power problems. APC part numbers as follows:
# AP9004 for SCO, NCR, Interactive System V; SunSoft Solaris, ( SPARC and INTEL), IBM AIX , UnixWare, Olivetti Unix
# AP9005 HP - UX
# AP 9008 SGI Irix
# AP 9010 DEC OSF/1
# AP 9011 Unix-J, NEC EWS/UX, Solaris JLE, SunSoft Solaris(SPARC), SONY NEWS

Security Issues

Visit DataSure Services CERT page for links to vendor bulletins , and current security issues.

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