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DataSure Services is now offering the client services web resources, services of interest to our clients including exclusive resources to streamline our commerce and communications. We have custom on line purcahse order, credit application, account status,
business cases, technology updates, drivers, jumper settings, tech support, Customer satisafction survey, return authorization and known issues. We work with your team to integrate resources to best fit your organistion. Our leasing options provide the flexibility to stretch your IS budget. Our customer service and quality commitment delivers customer satisfaction..


DataSure Services currently provides the following products and services, and our on-site services include southern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the lower mainland of British Columbia. We ship products around the globe, and can provide 2-3 day turnaround for major international centres, and we can ship overnight throughout USA and Canada. Should what you are seeking not be listed do not hesitate to contact us as we can source most informatics systems and technologies, with an emphasis on storage systems and technologies to enhance the availability of data to improve productivity and meet corporate objectives.

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Emergency Recovery

Emergency Recovery services to provide clients with timely and expert recoveries, to help minimize downtime.

On-Site Backup

Data from the disk is copied to DC2120 data cartidges, 230 MB Magneto - Optical diskette or Iomega Zip disk. Suitable for regular backup on a weekly or monthly basis, archives, and disk grooming. Also transferable to CD-R disc .Other formats available to meet corporate standards. Macintosh platforms also supported on M/O and Zip disk.

Off - Site Storage

Storage of Data Cartridges, Diskettes, Tapes, Microfiche, and Vital Documents in a state-of-the-art facility, which meets and exceeds B.C. Archive and Record Services and Facility Standards 6/85, and is designed to survive 250 Kph winds and earthquakes up to 9.5 on the Richter Scale (long wave). Helicopter access availability provides quick response capability. The facility is constructed on top of a large body of granite and engineered to withstand the motions of large earthquakes. DataSure provides scheduled and emergency pick up and retrievals.

Remote Backup Service

Remote backup and recovery services provides clients with room for growth without capital expenditures, and the automation of file recoveries that can save time over traditional off-site retrieval methods.

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Software Installation

On-Site Custom installation of software, to ensure workstation standards, and maximize resources.

WEB resources

We continue to work with developers and manufacturers to enhance the quality of resources available.

UPSs , Power Conditioning and Surge Protection

UPSs, Power Conditioning and Surge Protection products from American Power Conversion and others, from 250 VA to 50 kVA, with software to automatically shut down and start up your PCs, LANs and Miniframes, as well SNMP monitoring and management to secure your data and network centre and minimize down time by reducing hardware failure. APC's ProtectNet helps to "bulletproof" your systems with surge protection for your serial, modem, telephone, 10BaseT and 10Base2 connections. DataSure's On-Site Power Survey monitors your site to isolate problems and provides an analysis to help identify the protection required.

Mass Storage

QIC Data Cartridges drives, , Travan, DLT, 4mm & 8mm DAT, Floptical, Optical, Hard Drives, CD-ROM,

DataSure's CD-Recordable Page
Juke Boxes, Autoloaders, RAID, RAM-disk, Removable Disks from

ADIC, HP-Colorado, DISC, Emerald, ExaByte, Fujitsu, HP, Iomega, Kingston Technology, MDI, Micropolis, Mountain, Nakamichi, Pioneer, Pinnacle Micro, Quantum, Seagate, Sony, StorageTek, Tandberg, Teac, Tecmar, WangDAT/Wangtek,Western Digital, Yamaha with capacities from 21 MB to terabytes. PCMCIA and Host Adapters from Adaptec, Always, ATTO, and DPT, and drivers from Intraco, Elektroson, and more with solutions for a broad range of users, platforms and operating systems with capacities from 21 MB to terabytes.


Motorola, US Robotics, Boca Research, GVC, Practical Peripherals, Zoom and ZyXel to meet a range of corporate standards from 9600 baud to V.34 and ISDN, with fax and voice capabilities, and software.


A range of products for virus interdiction, backup, encryption, security and systems utilities from developers such as Symantec,Elektroson, Microsoft, NovaStor, Cheyenne, Seagate, Dallastone, Conner, MDI, OTG, Open Vision, Palindrome, PCX and Sytron. With corporate downsizing, systems and network managers will benefit from some of the advanced network management tools available. Visit our operating systems page for solutions organised by OS, or our indtroduction to HSM.

Media - "the medium is the message"- M. McLuhan

3M, Colorado, Kao, Kodak, Iomega, Maxell, Memorex,
Mitsui CD-Recordable Media
Mitsui CD-Recordable Media
, Sony, SyDos,
TDK CD-Recordable media
Traxdata CD-R media
and Verbatim with most formats available.

Recovery Planning

DataSure provides consultation in recovery planning, continuation of business and other contingency planning. We help you to evaluate your risks, and implement procedures and policies to minimize downtime. We can provide our clients with a range of options including hot sites and mobile recovery trailer.

Gordon E. MacKinnon, Principal, DataSure Services

DataSure Services 1-800-598-6831
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