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SCSI Interface
There are a number of connectors, including high-density, low density, Mac, PowerBook, Wide, and SCSI-3
Typically either low density (centronics) or high density (SCSI-II) connectors on most devices. Mac and PowerBook are Apple specific, and older host adapters have the low density, newer adapters have the high density or WIDE and UltraWide connectors.SCSI Zip drives use a Mac cable.
The Adaptec 2940UW controller has 1 -68pin internal and 1-50pin internal, 1-68pin UW external
Differential SCSI allow the chain to extend beyond 6m.
Host Adapters
DataSure's Host adapters Page

The increased stability of CD-Recordable media and recording are due to advances in Hard disk transfer rates (and cost), 2 MB RAM buffers on the recording drives, the dye improvements from Mitsui, and have resulted in fewer wasted blanks, long shelf life, and lower costs. CD-R is valuable for fiscal archives, multimedia, product information and software distribution, music, publication on demand and more.Increases in speed of readers,a wide installed base of CD-ROM, the new CD-RW and the promise of DVD compatability, coupled with the low cost and high availability of media make CD-R cost effective format.
Recommended for best perfomance also 1GB SCSI AV Hard Disk for premastering, packet writing now available
Pinnacle Micro page
Pinnacle Micro Page
Pioneer Optical page
Pioneer Optical Products Page
(DRM-5004X, DRM-1004X, DMR-624X, PR504XR) including the 100 disc DRM1004X
Yamaha CD-Recorders

Yamaha CD-R Page (CDR-400) with 6X-read, 4X write, 2MB buffer, tray load
CDW4001 CD-Recorder/ReWritable IDE- ATAPI drive
Sony has the CDU-920S, 2X
HP storage products
HP storage products

HP 6020i 2X write / 6X read CDR internal
Philips CDD552 2X is also available
Kodak has PCD Writer 600 6X and optional Disc Transporter
Ricoh has the RS-9200 now has also CD-RW, CD-ReWritable
JVC has 2X recorder packages
Media from
TDK, Mitsui, Traxdata, Kodak
Media printers 4 color Fargo, 1 Color Rimage, automation, and duplication packages
Visit our
CD-Recordables Page
CD-Recordables page
for more.

Magneto - Optical
Combining with a fast random access and removable media.
laser applies heat to media to temperature to allow magnetic head to act upon media to record

3.5" form factor
Current capacities include 128, 230 MB, 640 MBG
Sony has the RMO-S330 external, SMO-F331internal, 128MB
Fujitsu has the M2512A, and the 35 disk M2531B Autoloader

5.25" form factor
2.6 GB Optical (1.3GB per side)
Pinnacle Vertex 2.6 GB
HP storage products
HP storage products

HP's 2.6 GB 2600fx
, and HP has jukeboxes
Pinnacle Micro page
Pinnacle Micro Page
has information the Sierra 1.3GB, Vertex 2.6GB, and Apex 4.6GB, and Pinnacle's Optical Arrays and juke boxes with capacities up to terabytes.
Fujitsu has the M2522A and B, 28 and 78 disk M2531B Autoloaders with up to 4 drives, and up to 101GB near-line storage.

WORM and Multifunction
(Write Once Read Many)
This format has been largely replaced by the optical, but multifunction drives provide access to data resident on WORM media, using M/O
Pioneer Optical page
's Multifunction DE-SH7101, used in Medical Imaging, particularly MRI.
Pioneer's Multifunction DE-SH9101 1.7 GB, backward compatible with DEC-702 media, a migration path for 7101 users. Currently more widely available.
Sony has the RMO-S570 Multifunction WORM / M-O, external .
Sony SMO-F571 Multifunction WORM / M-O, internal.

Ablative WORM
12" format :
SONY 15GB jukebox to 2.3 TB (SONY will be discontinuing)
Philips 12GB, 2 heads , also 6 disk changer fo 72 GB
14" format
Kodak up to 25 GB per platter, jukebox to 3.3TB


12.5 inch open reel: up 1TB per reel
storage to petabytes expected with automation of cartridges

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