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Welcome to our guide to leasing costs and how to improve resource utilization and productivity. With automation solutions as found on our
Optical Storage page
Optical Storage page,

and RAMdisk , RAID, Video we provide business solutions with leasing options to help our clients realise the productivity gains of automation without large capital expenditures, and we are now offer a range of resources to justify specific cases. With reduced downtime and improved performance, informatics upgrades pay for themselves.
Your oganisation doesn't have to tie up capital or credit, leaving your cash and credit free for commerce, expansion, inventory, and human resources.

Cost per $1000.00 / month or quarter

Months of lease term/Equipment cost /Month/Quarter242730333639424548515457606366

For amounts over $25,000.00 please contact DataSure Services 1-800-598-6831
Using this table you can see that a $16,000.00 piece of equipment can be leased for $34.70 X 16 =
$555.20 per month over 3 years, or $364.00 per month over 5 1/2 years.
AST MANHATTAN Server 200 MHz 64MB RAM 9GB HD $16,000.00
Pinnacle Micro ALTA 75 GB Magneto-Optical Jukebox with a cost of $8,200.00 would lease for $397.70 per month over 2 years, or $236.70 over 4 years
Pinnacle Micro products
Pinnacle Micro Optical Products

ADIC SCALAR 218 4000 DLT autoloader with 720 GB nearline capacity costs $17,500.00, $838.25 / month 24, $658.88 / 36 months, $511.88/ 48 months
ADIC Tape & Autoloaders
ADIC Autoloaders and DLT

AST MANHATTAN Server 200 MHz 64MB RAM 9GB HD $16,000.00
EXABYTE 440T 8505XL 80-cart 8mm autoloader 1.14 TB capacity $24,200.00 leasing for $1,151.92/ month over 24, $833.69 / month over 36 months
EXAbyte 8mm and Autoloaders
APC Power Protection page
APC: UPSs, software, surge protection.

Matrix 5000 - 5000 VA of modular power protection at $4,270.00 , only $213.50 per month over 2 years, $153.93 /month for 36 months.
Pioneer DRM 1004X, 1 writer 3 reader 100 disc CD-R Jukebox $8885.00 $430.92 per month 24, $333.18 per month 36 months
Upgradable to future DVD for

Pioneer Optical page
Pioneer CD-ROM and Optical Products
We can help your organisation by delivering cost effective benefit through some of the following products and pages:

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DataSure Services Guide to Mass Storage
Guide to Mass Storage
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Magnetic Storage page
our page regarding our participation in the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies September 16-19, 1996
Introduction to HSM
CD-Recorable page
DataSure's CD-Recordable Page
, as a lost cost per MB long term storage
Mitsui CD-Recordable Media
Mitsui CD-Recordable Media
Pioneer Optical page
Pioneer CD-ROM and Optical Products

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DataSure Services leasing options
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