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Elektroson Gear CD-R software Gear Software for MS Windows
Gear Pro for MS Windows
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GEAR for Windows is the most comprehensive CD-Recording software package for professionals that utilize CD-Recordable in Imaging, Document Storage, Mission Critical Archiving, Title Development, Prototyping, and Premaster Testing. GEAR allows you to easily and cost effectively store text, multimedia application(s), software, database, audio/video files and back-up information on Compact Disc with full control over the formatting and mastering process.

GEAR Pro for Windows provides the fastest virtual formatting speeds and includes support up to ISO level 3. Features such as post gap writing on all recorders, universal multi-session and incremental writing, full error code handling and device testing, and full verification of formatted data for data integrity and readability.

GEAR incorporates fast data transfer rates and handles large numbers of files used in applications such as routine back-up, Imaging,
HSM and COLD. And with enhanced caching and memory use, data transfer rates on even the fastest drives are optimized.  

GEAR allows you to master virtually any CD-ROM format. Formatting engines include DA, XA, XA Interleaving, and Mixed mode. In addition, users have the ability to master any professional multimedia authored file such as MPEG, CDi, VideoCD, Game Formats, and Track Lists. Elektroson Gear CD-R Software

In addition to detailed volume descriptor editing, the advanced user defined disk properties can be edited to cut virtually any multimedia CD format. GEAR is continually adding new CD formatting engines and advanced features including future support for VideoCD 2.0, PQ and audio index editing support.

CD Format Support

ISO-9660 (Up to level 3 support)

XA, XA Interleaver (Form1, Form 2)

Digital Audio and Mixed-Mode DiscElektroson Gear CD-R Software

Multimedia Authored Files/Images

Proprietary & Custom Disc Control

Track List FilesGear Software for MS Windows

Orange Book Mastering Modes

Recorder Support

Recording Speeds

Host Adapter Support (SCSI recorders only)Elektroson Gear CD-R Software

Unique Features

Data Storage & Archiving

  Multi Format Version API Libraries
ISO-9660 (up to Level 3) O O
CD-XA, XA Interleaver O O
CD-Digital Audio, Mixed-Mode O O
Enhanced CD O O
CDi/VideoCD Files O O
Game Formats O O
Track List O O
Custom Image Writing O O
Track at Once O O
Disc at Once O O
Multi-session O O
Incremental O O
Windows 95 (32 Bit) O O
Windows NT (32 Bit) O O

Gear Software for MS Windows



System Requirements

 To run GEAR under Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 you need the following:

 Important: We recommend a fast hard drive with a fast controller [12 msec average access time or less]. Use only hard drivers that don't require thermal recalibration. These drives are sometimes referred to as AV drives. If thermal recalibration occurs during CD-R writing, the data stream stops and the disc is wasted.

Elektroson Gear CD-R Software
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