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ADIC VLS DLT300 Autoloaders
High Speed, High Capacity DLT Automatic Tape Management

The VLS DLT combines the technical advantages of Digital LinearTape (DLT) technology with ADIC's automated tape library expertise to provide unattended backup with unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, security, and convenience. It provides an alternative tape technology where high throughput and reliability are important. The unit is designed to be used as a compact desk-top storage unit, or can be fitted into any standard 19-inch rack system.

Performance to Solve the Problem of the Shrinking Backup Window

The VLS DLT is the product of choice for applications faced with increasing data volume and shrinking backup windows. DLT incorporates a high speed linear serpentine recording methodology for the highest data transfer rates and storage capacity in the industry. Sustained throughput is rated at up to 180MB/min, 3 to 4 times the rate of other tape technologies. With its seven-cartridge magazine providing up to 280GB of storage, the VLS DLT provides unattended data storage for even large networks.

The Highest Reliability and Longest Service Life

The VLS DLT is a superior choice for high speed backup, archiving, and HSM applications that will provide years of mission-critical data protection. Its low contact, low tension tape path allows its media to be rated for 500,000 head passes and a ten-year minimum life. The read/write heads are rated for 10,000 to 15,000 service hours and operate without increased wear even during short operating intervals. The VLS DLT library is based on ADIC's 4 th generation library technology and field proven single axis robotics. The mechanism has proven its reliability over more than half a million cartridge swaps and in millions of field hours. The VLS DLT also provides ADIC's unique visible and accessible drive loading system for high reliability, easy field service, and direct operator access for single tape loading.

Support for NetWare, Windows NT, UNIX and Other Operating Systems

Because ADIC's VLS libraries are supported by every leading brand of backup and HSM software, they provide a wide variety of unattended backup and data management solutions for all of the most popular operating systems. Support is available for NetWare, Windows NT, OS/2, and Macintosh LANs. UNIX support includes SCO UNIX, IBM AIX, SunOS and Sun Solaris, HP UX, DEC ULTRIX, Silicon Graphics, and ATandT/NCR UNIX

Magazine-based tape handling

The VLS DLT's seven-cartridge magazine with secure snap-tight cover holds backup sets together for easier tracking and storage. They are easy to load and unload and provide extra protection and convenience for long-term archiving or off-site data storage. Magazine, rather than single tape, data handling simplifies media rotation, and seven cartridge positions make it easy to partition data to meet a wide variety of business needs.

Part of a DLT Family of Products

One of the most important elements of the VLS DLT is that it is part of the industry's only full line of DLT products. ADIC offers a complete DLT solution from the single drive DS9000 series to the Scalar series with up to 8 drives and 1.9 terabytes of storage. All are supported by ADIC's 24-hour support line, on-site service, and extended warranty pro- grams. The VLS DLT is also designed to integrate new drive advances rapidly in order to protect your technology investment.





The Business Case

The amount of systems staff time required for management and support can be drastically reduced, and overall productivity is increased. With rapid restore, backup and data transfer rates, and the integration of HSM software, this can provide outstanding near-line performance.

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